Pangolin Gin are thrilled to be partnered with the great folk over at the African Pangolin Working Group. This South African based NPO campaigns tirelessly for the conservation and protection of all four species of African pangolins. Since 2011, APWG have been dedicated to pangolin conservation, research, counter-poaching, rehabilitation and release.

Retrieve from the illegal trade with law enforcement partners. Transport to to accredited Rehabilitation facilities. Once recovered we place tracking tags and Release in secure site where they are closely monitored with as little disruption to their wild lives as possible. Repeat.


All four species are classified Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with a population rapidly declining.

Temminck's Ground Pangolin

The most widespread and second-largest of the four African pangolin species, occurring from northern South Africa through most of East Africa and into southern Sudan and southern Chad.

Giant Ground Pangolin

The largest and rarest of the African pangolin species. It is a nocturnal, terrestrial species, inhabiting forests and forest-savanna mosaics in Central and West Africa, marginally entering East Africa as well.

Black-Bellied Pangolin

Perhaps the most beautiful species of pangolin, this species has large scales which are often a rich ochre colour with dark borders. The skin is black, contrasting with the ochre scales.

White-Bellied Pangolin

This small, arboreal species is fairly widespread and is also the species most frequently encountered, but they are by no means common. The body is covered in numerous small scales.

Not only are we donating 10% of our profits, we’ve also partnered with Born Free so you can adopt your very own pangolin.

The pangolin adoption pack includes your own cuddly toy pangolin, a personalised certificate, fact sheet and glossy photo display, and a copy of Born Free’s bi-annual Adopt magazine with exclusive updates.

Funds from your adoption will support the Born Free supported Sangha pangolin project in the Central African Republic. The project rehabilitates rescued and orphaned Pangolins and returns them back to the world.

You can help ensure the future of wild pangolins by adopting a pangolin today!

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