How Our Gin Is Made

August 10, 2020

A product unlike any other on the premium spirits market, Pangolin Gin brings more to the bar than your traditional gin.

Though the conservation of pangolins is firmly at our hearts, the quality of our gin is in the glass

Packed with unconventional botanicals inspired by the wild plains of South Africa, Pangolin Gin is a quality drink crafted around a powerful message: protect the pangolin.

When creating our gin, we wanted to create an experience. Though the conservation of pangolins is firmly at our hearts, the quality of our gin is in the glass – and this is where we hope to inspire you.

Crafted by our friends at Paper Mill Distillery at Staffordshire Brewery, our ingredients are carefully selected for consistent quality to create a solid foundation for a London Dry Gin.

Rare African botanicals Fynbos, Rooibos, Baobab and Honeybush were carefully chosen to create a flavour that captures the easy-going spirit of the South African ‘sundowner’ – perfect for sipping at the end of a long day.

The recipe blends these aromatic botanicals with fresh juniper berries, coriander, bursts of citrus from grapefruit, orange and lemon peel, and finished with the smoky aroma of cardamom. These ingredients are added to complement and bring out the best in the teas and pulps, with the right amount to ensure the finished product is flawlessly balanced.

Paper Mill Distillery is an independent, family-run brewery. It has humble beginnings but over 100 years of combined experience in craft drinks, so we had every faith in them that they would perfect the flavour for us – and in their first attempt, they nailed it.

Their brand-new distillery encompasses the old and the new: botanicals are firstly selected by hand and the gin is then crafted in the digital still, ensuring the quality and high specification of premium gin.

The process begins with the botanicals loaded into the vapour column, followed by a wash of neutral grain spirit and water, heated through to start collecting the distillates.  

The heads (or foreshots) are collected, then the hearts cut at around 20% ABV, which is where the piney, earthy, sweetness from the botanicals really starts to come to life. Finally, the tails are removed and the hearts are then rested for at least 48 hours.

The finished spirit has an ABV of around 70%, so this is cut back with deionized, filtered water to 40% VOL, and then Pangolin Gin is finished and ready to be packaged and shipped to you lovely people.

To bring out the best in your drink, we recommend pairing a generous measure of Pangolin Gin with citrus-infused garnishes such as fresh orange, basil and Mediterranean tonic water, or, for a cooler thirst-quencher, try sliced cucumber and a splash of Indian tonic.

Working with Paper Mill Distillery, Pangolin Gin is set to become one of the most exciting spirits on the market today. With our unique and exceptional drink, and by working with pangolin conservation charities, we hope Pangolin Gin inspires you to toast to a good day’s hard work and a even better tomorrow.